«Идея преданного служения». Шрила Б. С. Говинда Дев-Госвами Махарадж. 6 августа 2002 года. Лахта, Санкт-Петербург

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00:40 AvadhutMj: Maharaj, she is saying that Guru Maharaj is giving this conception "die to live". Srila Guru Maharaj is giving in his book idea that we should die to live, meaning that we should fully sacrifice ourselves for Krishna.

01:01 GovindaMj: Yes, our energy. But within me that energy not so spend for the mundane purpose. Then "die" means your mentality take off from mundanity and put in the reality. Then you will get proper life.

Take out from mundanity means "die". "Die" not means death, here "die" meanings take out from mundanity and put that energy to reality.

AvadhutMj: She wants to know... Junior devotee, then middle-class devotee and high class devotee, how he feel that "die to live". How is neophyte should do, what is the activity of neophyte, and how does Madhyam stage passing this idea, how topmost stage.

GovindaMj: Maharaj can tell. I am tired.

GoswamiMj: Maharaj has given in principle the answer to this question.

GovindaMj: Yes.

GoswamiMj: How it will be applied to those different devotees that... we are not going to enter in the details of that. He has given the principle that can be applied to all three.

03:27 But generally the lower devotee, they are putting themselves under the direction of the higher devotee. So they don't make a mistake or become confused about what that meaning is.

04:12 GovindaMj: Perfect.

AvadhutMj: Maharaj is always giving perfect...

GovindaMj: Maharaj is so qualified.

04:25 JanardanMj: Also, Swami Maharaj, he said: "Use your common sense, and if you don't have any, ask someone who does."

GoswamiMj: [laughs]

AvadhutMj: Mean be practical, but if you are not practical, find out somebody who is practical.

GovindaMj: Yes.

05:11 AvadhutMj: What's your favorite shlokas from Bhagavad-gita?

GovindaMj: Huh?

AvadhutMj: What is your most favorite shloka from Bhagavad-gita?

05:21 GovindaMj: tuṣyanti cha ramanti cha [BG:10.9]

AvadhutMj, GoswamiMj and others: [chuckle]

GovindaMj: That shloka. But first line?

ShrutashravaPr: mac-cittā mad-gata-prāṇā...

05:34 GovindaMj: mach-chittā mad-gata-prāṇā
bodhayantaḥ parasparam
kathayantaś cha māṁ nityaṁ
tuṣyanti cha ramanti cha [BG:10.9]

05:45 This is my extremely favorite shloka.

AvadhutMj: That is like, topmost out of chatur-shloka.

GovindaMj: Huh?

AvadhutMj: That tushyanti cham ramanti cham out of chatur-shloka, is the most important one?

GovindaMj: Maybe chatuh-shloka, I do know know. I cannot remember now. But maybe chatuh-shloka. But this shloka is very favorite. He asked to me "What is your favorite shloka?". This is question? And this is my favorite shloka.

06:27 GoswamiMj: It's how the devotees derive great pleasure and satisfaction engaged in Hari-katha, topics of Krishna. What Maharaj is doing right now. He is doing this. And here so many devotees gathered, and he is speaking about Krishna.

07:11 Someone: And chapter and verse of this shloka?

GoswamiMj: It's in the tenth chapter, the nineth verse.

AvadhutMj: Maharaj, but it's amazing how much Srila Sridhar Maharaj is drawing out of these conceptions. No one is giving these meanings.

07:47 GovindaMj: Given that attention. Everyone knows that shlokas, but Guru Maharaj given much attention, because these within that line.

08:43 GovindaMj: Pain. I can change chair?

09:13 AvadhutMj: Maharaj, some lady is asking. She heard from you last year about following Ekadashi and now she is very nicely follow Ekadashi: three days she is not taking food.

GovindaMj: Huh?

AvadhutMj: Now she is very nicely follow Ekadashi. For three days she is not taking food. And she thinking maybe she should five days not to take food on Ekadashi. What you think?

09:43 GovindMj: Ekadashi... All day is not Ekadashi day. Then if she will fast Ekadashi day that is O.K. But other day [is] not Ekadashi. Then she will fast or not, that is depending upon her. She can fast all day every day, that is not matter.

10:33 But Ekadashi day, there is some potency given by Lord. If anyone will engage that full day for the service to Lord, that is Ekadashi, successful Ekadashi.

11:16 For the health many fasting. Many not taking rice for the health. Someone taking roti, someone rice, someone only sabji, someone only sweets. It is depending upon your health condition. It is not same as fasting on Ekadashi because cause is that service. Service to the Lord, engaged 100% time, and not to give attention for your... ki?... enjoyment. Not actually enjoyment, for your purpose.

Someone: For personal happiness.

GovindaMj: Your personal purpose. Give full attention for the service to Lord, that is Ekadashi.

13:40 AvadhutMj: Then why breaking fast is at certain time?

GovindaMj: Because that time is auspicious time to break the fasting.

AvadhutMj: So the question now comes: is it necessary to follow Ekadashi?

GovindaMj: Definitely.

14:33 GovindaMj: There are so many calculations in the scriptures. And that calculating the pandita, qualified calculator. We are following that time simply.

JanardanMj: One time gave general guideline, you said, Guru Maharaj followed. After next day, after sunrise, breaking fast.

GovindaMj: Maybe generally. Sometimes gategate. Sometimes passing this. That is calculator's matter, that is not our matter. Calculator telling us that this is good, we are following. And that is good for everyone.

JanardanMj: Inside their question is "Oh, then if it is... cannot follow the exact time for breaking fast because we don't have the panjika we are not here, we are not there then better not to follow Ekadashi". That's... she is saying, therefore...

GovindaMj: No, no, no.

JanardanMj: So I am just saying that general consideration you can break the fast after the sunrise [indistinct]. If they cannot get within the six minutes or ten minutes, or zone times are [indistinct].

GovindaMj: But it is written in the scriptures, then we will follow six minutes or five minutes or ten minutes. Because Ambarish Maharaj he have time only one minute. And Durvasa is not coming within that minute. Then there have some important paran time.

17:00 Ambarish story come through that time factor, then we can ignore that? Time is factor there. Who is following Viddhi-marga. It is within Viddhi marga.

17:18 But Raga Marga means too much attentive for the service. That is Raga Marga.

GiriMj(?): Maharaj, I think that maybe more the nature of her question, that... If the... purpose behind Ekadashi is to increase our service, then if we are doing that...

GovindaMj: Increase our devotion.

GiriMj(?): Devotion.

GovindaMj: Increase our devotion, Ekadashi we are following. And devotional means our activity more will be engaged in that particular time, date.

GiriMj(?): Then, to observe some special line of demarcation, that now Ekadashi, now that will be ended at this particular time. Then why is that so significant?

GovindaMj: Significant means?...

Devotees: Significant, important, auspicious.

GovindaMj: That written in the scriptures this time. Who is doing calculation, he knows everything. I am not doing that calculation. But I knew, I forgot now.

This, at present few years doing, Divyendu. And Janardan Maharaj doing something calculation. Then Janardan Maharaj can give answer, that is good. He is doing for westerners, Janardan Maharaj. Especially for America. Time factor.

But we are mass. Mass... [indistinct]

Someone: We are mass, we are big group.

GovindaMj: We are the big group chanting, dancing and eating prasadam and following Ekadashi day, potato, etc. Not grain.

AvadhutMj: Little cchanna too.

GovindaMj: Huh?

AvadhutMj: Little cchanna sometimes too.

GovindaMj: No chana... cchanna, channa, yes. Cheese.

GoswamiMj: Yes, not chick peas. Chana also means chick peas.

GovindaMj: Chana means chick peas, and chhanna means cheese.

JanardanMj: Mahaprabhu asked to... His mother to follow Ekadashi, so must be...

GovindaMj: Yes, not to take grains. Can take fruits, etc. [indistinct] some days is good. [smiles] No rasagulla.

GoswamiMj: Maharaj? Guru Maharaj told something Saraswati Thakur explained that. In Kurukshetra he gave some explanation about Ekadashi.

GovindaM: Aha. What is the necessity too much service, and where is necessity, very important service. That day is Ekadashi day also, because that day increasing hankering of enjoyment. Lord's hankering, enjoyment hankering increasing so much. Then we give our energy for the service to Lord that day. Minimizing our own material necessities.

23:30 This is, after that it's come so scrutinizing way that this will take, that will not take, that will not take, because rice will give sleep. Then not to get rice. This will give that, not to take that. That is maybe inside, but we not so much interested about these rules and regulations, where and why coming. We will follow Ekadashi because it is our duty to follow it.

24:17 And we have panjika, we will follow the panjika, and we have rules and regulations and restriction, what we do not wants to take, and what we can take if necessary. Here is one question: if necessary. If you feel so much thirsty you can take glass of water. That is not obstacle. But if you not feel, do not take that.

24:56 Something, so many I have seen, our Aranya Maharaj, Krishna Sharan Prabhu. Aranya Maharaj, he is mostly doing without water Ekadashi. Without water means...

GoswamiMj: Nirjala.

GovindaMj: Nirjala. Mostly he is not taking anything. That one man. And other also. So many. Our Ranajit, he is doing sometimes.

GoswamiMj: And also Babaji Maharaj on Ekadashi stayed up to... he wouldn't sleep that night.

GovindaMj: Yes.

GoswamiMj: And whole night he is doing some kirtan.

GovindaMj: Singing. Krishnadas Babaji Maharaj. Yes. And every Ekadashi day if he is in Nabadwip or Mayapur he come to our Math and whole night he was singing.

GoswamiMj: Yes.

GovindaMj: That is... So many different kind of devotee. Some kind of devotee very naughty, some kind of devotee very [chuckles] firm.

GoswamiMj: [chuckles]

GovindaMj: Variety style we have. Then no problem.

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