«Навадвипа. Храм Вишнуприя-бари» (часть 1). Шрипад Б. П. Тиртха Махарадж. 16 марта 2011 года. Навадвипа Дхама, Индия

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Sripad Bhakti Prapanna Tirtha Maharaj

Navadwip. Vishnupriya Bari Temple
(part 1)

(16 of March, 2011, Navadwip Dham, India)


Tirtha Maharaj: By the mercy of our Guru Maharaj and Gurudev and president-Acharya, Shrila Bhakti Nirmal Acharya Maharaj, we’re doing this parikrama. Yesterday we were going to Antardwip, Simantadwip, Rudradwip, maybe you’ll go later. We’re going and and give our obesances and took our dust that we only know. I’ve done many things but I think if we go and visit those place and give our obeisances, the place have the dust that we can get from Mahaprabhu’s and Nityananda Prabhu and all their associate’s dust [laghana?], still is there.

For doing that you also come from so far. It is your fortune and by the mercy of Bhakti Bimal Avadhut Maharaj you’re able to come here and it is very nice I’m very very happy.


Avadhut Maharaj: Jay Damodar Maharaj! Actually it’s devotees like him. Maybe he’s not capable doing too many things...

Avadhut Maharaj (in Russian): Он еще со времен Шрилы Шридхара Махараджа, и может быть ему уже восемьдесят с лишним лет, он уже старенький, пожилой, но у него есть энтузиазм прийти сюда, с нами путешествовать.

Tirtha Maharaj: On this type of festival he is in charge of the store and make festivity.

Avadhut Maharaj (in Russian): И Шрипад Дамодар Махарадж много-много лет был организатором парикрам и фестивалей. Он сейчас уже стал совсем старенький, но, тем не менее, видите, он со своей дандой пришел, сидит здесь, несмотря на все свои телесные неудобства.

Avadhut Maharaj: He lacks his physical ability but he is still trying so hard and then we can see some devotion is here.


Tirtha Maharaj: Mahaprabhu always liked to glories his devotees so we also do that, try to glorify his devotees.

Avadhut Maharaj (in Russian): И Махапрабху, Он всегда жил тем, что Он прославлял Своих преданных. Когда мы видим преданность какой-то личности, как Махараджа… в старости он все равно пытается следовать. Мы понимаем, что это есть преданность. Не какая-то поверхностная, а что-то внутреннее, какая-то внутренняя ценность.

Avadhut Maharaj: Some internal wealth we can appreciate by seeing through devotees enthusiasm and his self-dedication, self-sacrifice.


Tirtha Maharaj:

vaisnavere guna-gan, kori lekhi betran

We will get relief only if we can glorify the Vaishnavas.


Mahaprabhu, as Bhaktivinod Thakur describes in his “108 names”:

bhaktera-gaurava-kari bhakta-prana-dhana

Bhaktera gaurava kari: He is always glorifying His devotees. When in Nilachal devotee going from Bengal and when just returning, then one by one He’s telling, “Oh, this devotee has this qualification, that devotee has that qualification, that devotee has that qualification.” In this way Mahaprabhu is glorifying His devotees.


Avadhut Maharaj: This is actually Mahaprabhu culture himself. He established that principle of association: to learn what is inspiring side of... As Gurudev said: Vaishnava is inspired side of the person. Because there are so many identities living. Vaishnava is our inspired side.


Tirtha Maharaj: So by the mercy of our Guru-varga we’re doing this parikrama, so today you come to this Koladwip, aparadha-bhanjana path. Very important place for me because as shown by our Guru Maharaj: he chose this place, this part of Nabadwip.

In Mayapur he has a place, he got a place, but after he changed his mind, he gave that place to his godbrothers and came to this Koladwip. At that time this place was not so much famous. Very hidden: it is Gupta Govardhan. And he chose this place. Today we’re doing the parikrama of this Gupta Govardhan, Koladwip.


Many times he was saying out of his humility, “Oh, maybe Mahaprabhu will forgive my offenses if I stay here so I chose this place.” In this way he was showing his humility.


When Mahaprabhu came five years after His sannyas, then He’s not gone to Mayapur. He came this side. And He stayed in #00:Varahanagar(?)#, day after tomorrow shall go. And from there He came this Koladwip and stayed some brahamana houses. And He’s forgiven all the offenders who done before, like Chapal Gopal, Devananda Pandit. They were very offensive, they don’t understand Mahaprabhu but He forgiven all.


That Chapal Gopal was the tantric, worshipper of Kali. He’s leader of shaktas. And then he’s done much offense to Shrivas Pandit and after that he got very leprosias, etc, etc. Very much suffering. But after so many years when Mahaprabhu come and He’s given him relief and told, “You go to Shrivas Pandit and ask forgiveness and he forgive you...” Then then after he’s done that he become devotee, his name was Devakinandan, he wrote some song.


But we’ve come to that very place but I think by this mundane eye I cannot see the Dham. Bhaktivinod wrote in Nabadwip Bhava Taranga:

maya-jalavrita cakshu dekhe kshudragara
jadamaya bhumi-jal dravya jata ara
maya kripa kori ’jala utthaya jakhana
akhi dekhe su-bishala chinmaya bhavana

Bhaktivinod Thakur wrote that the eye covered with maya, means illusion, material eye, cannot see the Dham. We’re seeing some stool, some small-small house, small-small road, some dirty place... This is material eye covered by maya.


We’re praying just now to Shiv-ji Maharaj, we pray, “Give me Divine eye. Oh Vaishnava Thakur, give me Divine eye! So I can see the trasncendetal Dham. Vaishnav Thakur, Gurudev, oh please give me Divine eye. Oh Maya Devi, Yogamaya, if can give us that eye, then

maya kripa kore jal uttariya ekhon

when the maya mercifully take out that net of maya then I can see chinmaya, transcendental Dham.”


We, jivas like me, I’m very fallen. We cannot do anything but we can do one thing: we can only pray. This prayer is very important.


We can desire, we can pray. See! By that today we have come to Dham. You desire to come to Nabadwip Dham, you prayed to come to Nabadwip Dham—you come. To Gurudev, to Vaishnava Thakur, to the Lord: “O please, do what is good for me.” Then we shall get it.


So what we’re discussing it is all aprakrita, not material, all transcendental matter now we’re discussing. It is unbelievable that my tongue can chant these things. But still we’re trying what we hearing from our Gurudev, to the scriptures as written we’re just repeating.


If we’re sincere it will reveal to us.


So today you must have heard Sripad Avadhut Maharaj described we visited Kshetrapali, Shiv-ji Maharaj. And then we went to Paurna Prabuddhamaya Parvati. They’re all devotees of Vishnu, Krishna, Mahaprabhu.


But Krishna kept them to as maha-maya cheating the jiva who wants material things they’re cheating by maha-maya as the form. But the devotee want Krishna-bhakti as the Yogamaya form, she is taking us Paurnamasi Yogamaya, she’s taking us to Vrindavan, to Krishna.


So our desire and prayer are important. If we go to Shiv-ji Maharaj, he is Ashutosh, he easily fulfill our desire like he fulfills so many daemons. They want this thing or that, he gives easily. But that is not kripa, that is deceiving. Because they want material things, small things. And like Ravana, like Hiranyakashipu: they are devotees of Shiva but they have not got... they’re killed by Krishna. Banasura... they got mercy, boon from Shiva. Basmasura. So we have to be careful what to ask, what to pray for to Lord Shiva.


As we desire to them—we shall get it. I can tell a small story, little bit.

This world is like a prison. This bhu-loka is a prison for us, we’re [jivas?]. We’re in a prison. One time one king visiting his kingdom one day with his minister and visited his jail. And there he seen so many prisoners, they’re shouting, fighting, making much noise.


And then he’s asking his minister: why this much noise, why they’re fighting there inside the jail. The minister said, “I don’t know. Better, O king, please go and see, inside we can see what is happening.”


Then the king and minister they entered the prison and the king asked prisoners, “Why you’re fighting and shouting and quarreling here? Noise I heard, what happened?”


Then all the prisoners think, “Oh, this is king. What to say?” They become little quiet and then say, “We’re not getting sufficient fooding, clothing, medicine, our everyday need, we’re not getting sufficient! What we’re getting from your officers, jail superiors, we’re getting very small and who is getting another going to take from him and this way he also don’t want to give so fighting started. So we’re doing this. We’re not getting sufficient everything for daily needs and taking from others forcefully and fighting.


Then the king told to the minister, “Oh, it’s no good. They must get their daily necessity. You ask them who wants what, who liking what and take a note.” And minister started taking note, “Oh, what you want, what you’re liking, what you need.”


Then the king see one prisoner who is not saying. Somebody saying, “Oh, I have no cloth, I have no winter sweater, I have no plate, I have no paste, I have no shoe, I have no this, I have no that.”

And all these material necessities they described.


But the king see in the corner one prisoner he is not asking anything, he’s just quietly sitting there and the king asking, “Oh prisoner, why you're not asking anything, why you're not demanding anything, what happened?”


Then that prisoner says, “Oh king, what to tell you? What I want will you give?”


King’s mood was very good.

“What you want?”


Then that prisoner says, “Oh king, I want to get out from this prison.”


Then the king says, “Oh minister! Give me departure certificate! He can go!”


But others they want to stay in the prison with their cloth, fooding and this forever.


We also now, If we’re intelligent like that prisoner then we shall get out from this suffering world. Back to Godhead, back to home.


And in this world maha-maya is the jail superior. She is superintendant of the jail.


So we went to Paramatala, that Prabuddhamaya. Bhaktivinoda Thakur wrote this song about her that

kuladevi yogamaya

The Yogamaya we’re offering and he asking, “Oh please, you’re unseeing. Those who’re krishna bimukha, those who are not becoming devotee of Krishna—you bind them in this prison house and give very nice nice suffering.”


But those who got the fortune of becoming devotee of Krishna, you make him out of this material world.


So Bhaktivinod Thakur praying, “Oh please, give me a place in Vrindavan.”

vrindavane deho sthane tumi yoga-maya
ei dase janani kori kaitava daya

“Give them place in Vrindavan, oh, Yogamaya!”


Bhaktivinod Thakur also saying:

tomare longya kothadi krishna bhai
krishna raj propa dila tomara kripaya

“By crossing you who will get Krishna?”

Krishna’s also dhan, rasa-lila, all His lila by the help of the Yogamaya, Paurnamasi.


Bhaktivinod Thakur also saying, “You’re Krishna’s devotee. You’re showing me Krishna. But today I’m asking you please see to me. And what you give?

vaishnava visare briddhi phaul prati kshane

Bhaktivinod Thakur praying to Yogamaya: give me faith to Vaishnava.



vaishnava achar na vina bhavo parabar
bhakativinoda nare hoi bare par

“Without the mercy of Vaishnava we cannot cross this material world, without devotion.”


So this is Yogamaya, maha-maya and now we’re here. This Deity was worshipped by Vishnupriya at the time of Mahaprabhu. I think Maharaj already told you.

(to be continued)

Captured by Ashutosh Krishna Das


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