Gadadhar Pandit

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Gadadhar Pandit
Шри Шри Гаур-Гададхар: Господь Чайтанья Махапрабху (слева) и Шри Гададхар Пандит.

Gadadhar Pandit the Avatar of Srimati Radharani in Sriman Mahaprabhu’s Pastimes; the most intimate devotee of Sriman Mahaprabhu; a member of the Pancha Tattva. He was a lifelong companion of the Lord who in particular served the Lord during His final Pastimes by reciting Srimad Bhagavatam. His humility, service, and love for the Lord are unparalleled.

— books Sri Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya / Glossary

Tota Gopinath lit. ‘Garden Gopinath’; the strikingly beautiful Deity of Lord Krsna found by Avatar in the garden near the Temple of Yamesvar in Sri Puri Dham. The Lord gave this Deity to Srila Gadadhar Pandit to worship, and when Gadadhar grew old and became unable to reach up and garland the Deity, Gopinath sat down to accept his service. Tota Gopinath is thus known for His unique, graceful sitting posture.

— books Sri Sri Prema-vivarta / Glossary