“Appreciate the Devotees to Get Devotion”. Srila Goswami Maharaj. 11 January, 2018

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Q: Many times I’ve heard that envy is the primary cause why jiva-soul falls into the material world. Was our fallen condition caused exceptionally by envy of Krishna or it could be caused by envy of Srimati Radharani as well? The premise of these situations seems different, but I might be wrong.

A: Souls from Goloka cannot have envy for Krishna. They come to material world just for the necessity of lila. — Who am I and why am I suffering? — Marginal position of the soul. — Offer name and fame to Guru, otherwise — self-establishment. — Plane where I can realize my prospect. — Goloka is a plane of consciousness. — Gradation of self-sacrifice. — The real test is appreciation for the devotees of Krishna. That’s why Mirabai is not recognized by rupa-nuga line: no devotees mentioned. But Krishna is not alone. — Praise the devotees if the devotion is your real target. — Offering praise is a sign of being non-envious. — Meeting Srila Prabhupada in America for the first time. — Pastimes of Jagannath: Krishna’s feelings in separation from Vrindavan. — Replica of Vrindavan in Dwaraka. — The “reign in hell” program is ruined by hearing about Krishna. — Uddhava’s prayer for the dust from Gopis’ lotus feet. — We want the grace of those great personalities, don’t think offensively about them. — Opposition enhances love and affection in the pastimes.


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