Погрузись глубоко в Реальность с Бхакти Судхиром Госвами | How to let Krishna in your heart? Аудио с mahamandala.com. Гупта Говардхан, 25 марта 2016 года

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1_Q: It's said that we need laulyam, a strong desire for Krishna consciousness on the one hand and on the other hand, Krishna is a thief. Please, tell us, how Krishna can charm us - no matter what. 
2_Q: When you start to analyze - there is no realization. So what does it mean: to be conscious?

- Our solace that Krishna is a thief: we've created bulwarks to keep Him out
- Aghasura: somehow or other we should allow Krishna to enter.
- Laulyam is the purchase price - so inadvertently we are pushed towards Vaishnavas
- Krishna is substantially present in the heart of His devotees - and we should follow their path. Don't try to approach Krishna directly. 
- The real religion is to be found in the heart of Mahajanas.
- Nothing will obstruct this natural flow of bhava-bhakti from the heart of the real devotees.
- Negativity can be measured in the terms of want or need: what's heart is hankering for - I'm lacking that.
- Brahmins' wives didn't go to gurukula, but their hearts are in the right place - so they run towards Krishna to offer Him everything.

- No need to analyze these things: great devotees have done it for our benefit. It's all grace, actually.

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