“Progressive Position in Krishna Consciousness”. Srila Goswami Maharaj. 14 March, 2018. Gupta Govardhan

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Q: In one of your last lectures you mentioned the Russian famous novel by Dostoevsky “The Notes from Underground”. The word underground actually comes from a bad translation into English. A better translation is a space under the floor that is not big enough for a human, but where rodents and bugs live. According to Russian folklore it is also a place where evil spirits live. So along the whole story we hear the reflections of main character about suffering and the irrational pleasure of suffering. The narrator mentions that Utopian society removes suffering and pain, but man desires both things and needs them to be happy. According to the narrator, removing pain and suffering in society takes away a man's freedom. So could you, please, expose the falsity of these statements?

Q: There is a saying of George Gordon Byron: “They never fail who die in a great cause.” Could you extend this expression of English poet to its extreme through the perspective of teachings of Srila Guru Maharaja?


←  «Бесстрашное самопредание» (на русском и английском языках). Фрагмент из «Шаранагати», в котором Шрила Бхактивинод Тхакур описывает настроение смиренного и бесстрашного самопредания, присущее слугам Господа ·• Архив новостей •· «„Даша-мула-таттва“ — символ веры вайшнавов». Шрила Б. Р. Шридхар Дев-Госвами Махарадж. 9 июня 1985 года. Навадвип Дхам, Индия →
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