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hladini-sakti lit. ‘pleasing energy’; the pleasure potency of the Supreme Lord; the energy by which the Lord feels pleasure and gives pleasure to all souls. The hladini-sakti appears to conditioned souls as sense pleasure, to liberated souls as the pleasure of Brahma, and to souls devoted to the Lord as rasa. The essence of the hladini-sakti is divine love, and its ultimate personification is Srimati Radharani.

— books Sri Sri Prema-vivarta / Glossary

That jada-sakti can also be divided into three: gross matter, subtle matter or the mental plane, and the ego or ahankar. These three cover the jiva-soul, so we are unable to perceive our real self.

— books Affectionate Guidance / Section 1. Siddhanta / Chapter 12. Our Lord’s Beloved Power

samsara lit. ‘through motion’; transmigration; the perpetual cycle of repeated birth and death in which souls pass from one body to the next within the material world according to their desires, pushed by the forces of time, karma, and material nature. The soul may assume the form of an inanimate object, a plant, an animal, a human form, or a heavenly form such as that of god or sage. Souls wander indefinitely around this wheel of samsara until they attain the association of souls who are engaged in the Lord’s service and surrender to the Lord. Samsara also connotes the material world itself, the range of experiences the soul undergoes within it, esp. suffering, and the pursuit of worldly happiness, esp. that of family life.

— books Sri Sri Prema-vivarta / Glossary

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