“The Best Version of Yourself ”. Srila Goswami Maharaj. 11 July, 2018. Gupta Govardhan

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Q: Is there any meaning in praying for other people, especially other devotees when they lose their passion for service? And what is the right way to do it?

Losing enthusiasm is one of the obstacles on the path from the world of exploitation to Vaikuntha. — You need hunger, hankering, not sukriti of pious life. — No finding faults with those who are dear to Krishna. — If you give position to others — your position becomes enhanced. — Without service association is not meaningful. — When we improve — then we’re in the position to help others. — Sensory deprivation is not the means to achieve devotion, but the consequence of devotional inspiration. — Sanatan Goswami makes Raghunath Das Goswami drink the nectar of renunciation. — Causeless mercy and causeless unwillingness to serve. — Give yourself to feel enlivened, to receive some revelation. —  After revelation you are left in your former position with some hankering. — Negativity is equal to humility. — Discover your actual individuality, coming in connection with the Infinite. — Super-conductors: zero resistance to the divine current. — The greatest trick of Maya: “Be an honest non-devotee”. — Through hearing you see spiritually. — Guru sees, enables and celebrates the potential of the disciple. — Loving shove, reigniting the interest.

←  «Необходимо предаться вайшнавам и сконцентрироваться на их духовном аспекте». Шрила Б. Р. Шридхар Дев-Госвами Махарадж. 30 апреля 1982 года. Навадвип Дхам, Индия ·• Архив новостей •· «Милость вайшнавов и сотрудничество с ними — путь к исцелению души». Шрила Б. Р. Шридхар Дев-Госвами Махарадж. 29 апреля 1982 года. Навадвип Дхам, Индия →
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