«Погрузись глубоко в Реальность с Бхакти Судхиром Госвами». 10 июня 2016 года. Гупта Говардхан

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01:51 — Q: Maharaj, could you please explain the 2nd principle of Sharanagati, rejecting those things that are unfavorable for our spiritual practice? How can we with our limited minds distinguish what is favorable and what is not? What shall we see as a challenge and what can destroy our faith? What exactly is considered to be dangerous in our daily personal experience?

13:15 — "I do not recognize counting beads in the Jungle of Balihati as Krishnanushilana" -- Saraswati Thakur

19:25 — Q: What is the conception of miracle in our line? What usually is taken to be wonder anywhere else -- God speaking to His devotee -- seems like normal now. Dostoevskiy's Great Inquisitor also mentioned that Lord Himself didn't want to use miracle to amaze us in such a way to enslave us all but wanted free love from us. So what are the miracles and who needs them and why do we want them?

20:06 — "Faith really means: if I am sincere in offering myself to Krishna, the Divinity then everything will be achieved by that."

23:33 — "One of the basic principles of Theistic culture is achintya shakti, attributing inconceivable power, potency to Divinity" — Jiva Goswami

25:15 — Story of Narada, cobbler and a brahmana (how many days do I have to remain in the material world?)

33:35 — "sri krsna karsini ca sah" — pure devotion is so potent even a drop of that Divine substance in the heart of a finite being is capable of capturing Krishna. That's a miracle.

34:18 — Q from Vasudev Prabhu: we know that from churning of the ocean Lakshmi Devi appeared. What was the position of this great devotee, Lakshmi Devi, in Guru Maharaj's opinion.

37:50 — Ego in the hearts of some yogis remains, despite austerities.

39:04 — Every single one of these things, if you view them in terms of the highest level of expression, there is a connection with Madhura Rasa. So that's the good fortune that She is capable of bestowing.

42:41 — Q: About the previous q: Guru Maharaj says that experience comes when we are lost and healthy position is when we are acting on the plane faith.

44:45 — "As a jiva soul makes mistakes and becomes more and more fallen, Krishna becomes more and more merciful."

49:29 — "The perfect reveals Itself to the imperfect. What is the agency for that sort of revelation? It makes room for Guru or the Guide."

52:08 — Q: Sometimes saints dedicate their poetry to a particular Deity, like Sri Gopinath or Sri Giriraj. What is the reason for such affinity to a particular Deity? Or vice versa, of the Deity to the person whom He chooses.

01:03:12 — hari haraye namah krishna yadavaya namah...

June 10, 2016
Theistic Media Studios, Gupta Govardhan Ashram.
Downloaded from TMS_TV livestream

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