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Name standard English rendering of Nama; the transcendental vibration form of the Lord.

— books Sri Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya / Glossary

Every human being — if they have faith — is qualified to chant the Name. The arguments and brashness of speculators about caste and class do not count for anything.

— books Sri Sri Prema-vivarta / Chapter 10. Caste and Class

«‘[ Sanat Kumar said:] «The eternal Name — the source of divinity, the fountain of mercy, the supreme giver of liberation to both moving and inert beings — certainly removes the sins of the offenders who go against Him.»’

Offenders of the Name commit offences against Him, and such violations check their chanting of the Name.

«The Name, however, destroys the sins of even such great offenders. Other than the Name, the soul has no friend in this world.

«‘Narad asked Sanat Kumar: «O best of the brahmans, what are the offences against the Lord’s Name that destroy and drag the mundane into the soul’s chanting of the Name?»’

«Only the Name destroys offences against the Name; nothing else has the power to do so.

«Chant the pure Name at all times and under all circumstances: you will attain all good fortune, and all your misfortune will be removed.

«There is no other remedy for the soul in the Age of Kali. Through these hidden truths about the Name, the soul can cross over samsara.

— books Sri Sri Prema-vivarta / Chapter 19. A Collection of Hidden Truths about the Name

«The Name always destroys all sin, cures all disease, relieves all misery, clears away the obstacles made by Kali, delivers the residents of hell, cuts away active karma, and removes all offences.

«The Name should be served everywhere and always. The Name gives all types of liberation, entrance into the spiritual world, and love for the Lord.

«The Name Himself is the goal of human life and the foremost practice of devotion. There is much evidence of this in the scriptures.

«Uttering the Name of the Lord counteracts the sins of a drunkard, a thief, a traitor, an adulterer with an elder’s wife, and a murderer of a woman, king, cow, or brahman, as well as all other sins.

«‘Fiends, demons, evil spirits, ghosts, disembodied souls, monsters, witches, and other ferocious entities flee from the chanting of the Names of the God of gods, the immeasurably powerful Lord, Visnu. Chanting and remembering the Lord’s Name removes all difficulties. Those who chant the Lord’s Name while hungry, thirsty, or injured immediately become free from all difficulties. There is no doubt about this.’

— books Sri Sri Prema-vivarta / Chapter 20. Nama-mahima The Glories of the Name

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