Kaliya Daha

A cowherd boy named Ramadas came over and said, «Our cows do not drink water from this lake.

«A fearsome crocodile comes out of this lake, and our cows moo because they cannot drink the water.»

When Gora heard this, He chanted the Name, and the crocodile immediately became attracted to the chanting.

The crocodile quickly got out of the water and came over to Gora’s feet. Upon touching them, the crocodile turned into a child god.

The child god said, «O Lord! Cursed by Durvasa Muni, I have been wandering in the form of a crocodile, making everyone tremble.

«Once, when the great sage was resting in Kamyavan, I mischievously cut off his dreadlocks.

«The sage angrily said, ‘Take the form of a crocodile and suffer the results of your actions for four ages.’

«I cried and prayed to the sage, and he graciously called me over and spoke to me.

«‘O child god! When the son of Sri Nanda becomes the life and wealth of Sachi in Nabadwip, you will be freed from my curse by His chanting; you will get a heavenly body and go to the abode of the gods.’

Since then, the lake has become widely known as ‘Gora Daha’, like Kaliya Daha in Vraja.

All the Vedas say that sins are removed and devotion to Krsna is attained by seeing or touching this lake.

— books Sri Sri Prema-vivarta / Chapter 15. Morning Pastimes in Nabadwip