Страница на Русском Анартха

Anartha means ‘separate interest’. Krishna consciousness is causeless, nirguna; it has no end. Nirguna means that the central flow and vibration of Krishna consciousness is eternal. That wave has no end. Any interest which is separate from Krishna consciousness is anartha. Artha means ‘necessity’, and anartha is that which is not my necessity — that which is opposed to my necessity — being based on separate consciousness and interest. So, to get out of the trap of separate interest, which is misleading us, and to learn how to read the Infinite, we are to identify with the universal flow, the universal wave. At present, we are being carried away by different waves of separate-interest consciousness, anartha. It is not necessary for us. Our only necessity is to merge in the wave of the universal interest, which is for Itself, for Himself.

— books Sermons of the Guardian of Devotion (Volume 3) / Chapter 7. Intelligently Aware