Just before entering Puri Dham, Mahaprabhu bathed in the river at Atharanala. While He was bathing, Nityananda Prabhu broke Mahaprabhu’s sannyas danda. It was an eka-danda. Nityananda Prabhu broke it into three pieces and threw it in the river. Mahaprabhu had taken sannyas, and He showed in His Pastimes great care in following the rules and regulations of a sannyasi very strictly. He showed His anger to Nityananda Prabhu and said, «I have only one possession, My sannyas danda, and You have broken that and thrown it away!» Nityananda Prabhu did not care about anything. He said, «Why do You need to carry a danda? You are Krishna Himself. What need do You have for a danda?» Mahaprabhu said, «I do not want to travel with you all. I shall go alone. Will you all go first, or I shall go first?» They replied, «You go first, and we shall go behind.» Then Mahaprabhu very quickly ran to Lord Jagannath and fainted in Jagannath’s Temple. Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya took His body to his home. Nityananda Prabhu immediately assessed the situation and understood that Mahaprabhu was at Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya’s house. He went to Sarvabhauma’s house, met with Mahaprabhu, and later He went to see Lord Jagannath. In this way Mahaprabhu started preaching in Puri Dham with Nityananda Prabhu and others.

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