Raghunath Das Goswami expressed his feelings of divine fortune,

nama-srestham manum api sachi-putram atra svarupam
rupam tasyagrajam uru-purim mathurim gostha-vatim
radha-kundam giri-varam aho radhika-madhavasam
prapto yasya prathita-krpaya sri-gurum tam nato ’smi
(Sri Mukta-charitam: 2)

«I bow down to the lotus feet of Sri Guru, by whose causeless mercy I have attained the highest conception of the Holy Name and the divine mantra. I have come to the service of the great saviour, Sri Sachi Nandan, who is like a golden mountain standing to show the direction of Krishna-lila, and the association of His most intimate servitor Srila Svarup Damodar. I gained the association of Srila Rupa Goswami, who was personally ordered by Mahaprabhu Himself to distribute the rasa of spontaneous devotion, and Sanatan Goswami, who revealed to the world perfect sambandha-jnan, proper acquaintance with the environment. I have been given the divine abode of Mathura Vrndavan with Radha Kunda and Govardhan Hill. And finally I have been given the hope and aspiration that one day I may be welcomed into the service plane where Sri Sri Radhika-Madhava are in Their glory, sitting and playing.»

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