Those who are suffering from hard labour naturally want rest. They are dependent on labour to live, yet it is thought to be useless and undesirable. If we are to live, we must labour; still, it is considered a dishonourable life. Generally our aspiration is how to live without labour; we are in search of a peaceful life of rest where we are not the servants of labour. This is the general tendency in our life of struggle and labour. In the Bible, we find that when Adam and Eve were surrendered to God in heaven, their sustenance was automatic. When they fell down, they had to earn their bread by the sweat of their brow. They were forced to labour in order to live. And it is a low and dishonourable form of life. But if we want to live, we must labour. We wonder, «Is there a life where one can live without labour?» We find such a tendency in our life from the beginning of existence. So, we aspire for freedom from karma.

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