A discourse given to a large devotional gathering in the prestigious Multicentre, Morelia, Mexico.

You are all my spiritual relatives, assembled here today for hearing something from me about Krishna consciousness. I humbly pay my respects to you all because you have given me this opportunity to speak about my Lord Sri Krishna and His associates. I want to do good for you, good for myself, and good for the world. I have some experience. I am an old man, and I stayed many years with my Guru Maharaj, who was vastly learned in Vedic knowledge and ultimately a siddha-mahapurus — a perfect, liberated soul. His affection, mercy, well wishes, and desire have given me something. I feel it, and I cannot deny it. I may be a very low-class person, but how can I deny the gift of my Gurudev? I am a very tiny and insignificant jiva-soul, nothing else; this is my identity. But if I give all of you the gift of my Lord Krishna and my Guru Maharaj — the little ecstasy that I have got — if I give to your holy ear the sound vibration that is coming down from the transcendental world, you must be benefitted, and I shall also be benefitted. Krishna will bless me, and my Guru Maharaj will be satisfied that I shall have done something in this world.

Actually we are all spiritual entities, and because we are part and parcel of our Lord, our home is eternally existing in the transcendental abode of the Lord. You have heard of the Upanisads, Vedas, Vedanta, and the other scriptures which were revealed in India in written form five thousand years ago. Previously, this knowledge existed as sruti-mantram, spoken words, and it was transmitted by rsis and munis to their disciples through sruti-mantram. At that time there were no books. Vedavyas has very mercifully given us the written form of sruti-mantram: the Veda. He divided the Veda (sruti) into four parts: Rg, Sama, Yajur, and Atharva. He also composed the corollary literatures (smrti) like the Mahabharata, which is called the fifth Veda. The gist of the Vedas can also be found in the hundreds of Upanisads he wrote. The great rsis, Vedic research scholars, have also presented the Vedic knowledge in the Puranas. Thus, through the great rsis, this transcendental knowledge is being revealed in this mundane world, and when necessary, from time to time, an incarnation of the Lord manifests by whose divine mercy we get a connection with that transcendental knowledge.

These Vedic literatures mainly try to give us transcendental knowledge, and for our benefit they have proclaimed, «Srnvantu visve amrtasya putra: you are all the sons of nectar, transcendental nectar; you are from the nectarean ocean. Dive deep into that nectar!» We are all parts and parcels of the Lord, therefore we are spiritual relatives.

Here in the mundane world we are seeing many differences. Some of us are born in India, some in Russia, some in Mexico, Latin America, and so on. In this world there are so many countries and so many completely different languages. But the spirit that is living within everybody, without which the body is useless, is coming from the same place. We call this place the spiritual world or the transcendental world.

We want eternity, we want love, we want affection, we want mercy and ecstasy. These are our hankerings, but this mundane world cannot successfully give any of these things to us. But in the transcendental world everything is existing eternally in a very beautiful and sweet way.

Everyone will pass away from this world one day, whether he is poor or rich, rogue or scholar, animal or tree. When we have been born, it is sure we will die. Death will not give any notice to us, «Today is your dying day», or «Today is your birth day». Birth and death are actually beyond our control. Maybe we can extend some time or reduce some time, but when we have been born, we must die. This wave of birth and death is surrounding this world. It is surrounding not only our present planet but the whole universe. Beyond the orbit of this universe many universes also exist, and this wave of birth and death is rolling through all of them. This knowledge has been given to us by the Vedic research scholars, and now the scientists in this age are also saying the same thing.

This world is always completely filled with quarrel. The wave of death and birth is always flowing through this world, and there are so many problems. You hear many things on the radio, the television, and in the newspapers, therefore you know how much violence is going on all over. Everywhere this bad situation will come to be, as it is written in the scriptures. It is the Age of Kali. Kali means quarrel. We cannot avoid it. I may be a very good man, but without cause I may be attacked by violence. Many things happen, and many good men have been killed. So death and birth is beyond our control. I may be protected by so many bodyguards, like John Kennedy, like Martin Luther King Jr, like Indira Gandhi, like so many who were protected by many bodyguards but could not avoid death.

We are also not secure or satisfied in this world. What do we want here? We want love, affection, charm, beauty, and ecstasy. Ultimately, we want eternity, but in this world it is not possible in any way to get it. Here, what is the form of love, what is the form of beauty, of affection? All are only a shadow or reflection of the transcendental world. As such, here we are playing only within the shadow. All that we are getting is in the form of shadow, and the substance is missing.

We are eating rice powder mixed with water and thinking we are drinking milk. Actually, when we will get a proper taste of transcendental ecstasy and feel its transcendental form, we will feel that transcendental knowledge is within us, and that our Lord is within us. Then we will understand everything very clearly and easily. That connection is necessary for us.

In which way may we get it? Our sincere searching tendency can give us that connection. We must want to search. If it is possible, why will we not proceed in that line? The research scholars of religion have made many contributions and made that knowledge available. If you come forward sincerely, you will get it. It is so easy to get if you have faith, chastity, and a little good fortune. Without good fortune it is very difficult to get it.

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