“What is Sadhana? | New Way of Seeing”. Srila Goswami Maharaj. 20 June, 2018. Gupta Govardhan

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Q: What is sadhana?

— Ritual and substance. — Indra-puja — just a tradition? — Govardhan-puja: render to God what is Caesar's. — Meaningful activities. Current of service. — Darshan: to see or to be seen? — Demolishing the pillars of ego. — Blinded by forgetfulness of relation with Krishna. — No taxation without representation. But our interest is represented in the Absolute. — Divine autocracy: do we need to check Him? — Yashoda can chastise Krishna as her son. — Brahmananda and Ganesh. — Pleasure chart: bodily pleasure, brahmananda, krishna-bhakti-rasa. — How to get the greatest happiness? — Come in connection with a proper agent and listen from them. — Artist project is giving a new way of seeing. It has some parallel with a spiritual project. — New way of seeing. — Explanation of om “agyana timirandhasya”. — A qualified guide gives you new eyes. — "Aquire Nabadwip eyes". — That plane will not become your object. — New eyes we acquire when we are situated at the lotus feet of Sri Guru. — If Krishna wills — you will see Him. — Prem salary for service: compound interest, expanding serving capacity. —What makes sadhana meaningful. — The unconquerable is conquered by devotion. — The Infinite comes under the control of the finite through love. Exchange rate is not equitable. — Krishna is singing the glories of Radharani. She is the greatest preacher of all: She converted Krishna into Krishna consciousness. — Mahaprabhu stops at Ksirachor Gopinath on His way to Puri. — We need proper angle of vision for our sadhana to be meaningful.

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