“From Truth to Error and Back”. Srila Goswami Maharaja. 8 January, 2018. Gupta Govardhan

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Q: Some of the devotees heard about the word “thank you”. They are saying that it is not in Vaishnava etiquette. Doesn’t it bring us to a state when we’re taking somebody’s seva that was performed towards us for granted, if we stop saying “thank you”?

A: Inevitable modification of the truth into error. — There has to be some realization in each generation, not just passing something down. — Meaning depends on emphasis: how to bequeath it? — “Thank you” and other expressions of gratitude. — Chanting and counting beads. Favorable service. — 20 years in a cave vs. preaching. — Humanism, scientism, technology vs. Krishna consciousness. — All religions have some degree of cheating in it, therefore “Bhagavatam” is needed to be presented. — Erotic principle can be expressed in the divine world, too. So liberation is not just for the crazy people to aspire for. — Krishna’s pastimes with Gopis are not mundane in any way. Hear about them faithfully, from an authentic devotee. — Heart disease: to consume in the name of love; as a means of achieving fulfillment. — Topics of Krishna put an end to suffering and give life. — Talks about Krishna is the highest charity. — You can get Krishna conception just at the proper Math.


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