«Что такое единение в разлуке?» (часть 3). Шрила Б. С. Госвами Махарадж. 10 мая 2010 года. Томск

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Goswami Mj:


   So Guru Maharaj has observed that the heart in the anguish of separation — a deeper region of heart is penetrated which yields a superiour type of loving substance.


   We see Mahaprabhu's concentration at the two pinnacles of separation: Radharani and braja-gopis being with Krishna on Kurukshetra and at the time when Uddhava delivers a message from Krishna after He's left Vrindavan, He's in Dwaraka, and Radharani exhibits divine madness of Bhramara-gita.


   So it's mentioned in Charitamritam that this is the focal point of Mahaprabhu's pastimes behind closed doors with Swarup Damodar and Ramananda Ray for last twelve years of His life in the Gambhira in Jagannath Puri.


   So this is inconceivable in a rational sense that one will achieve union in separation.


   But we see in the absence if the beloved the paraphernalia of the beloved brings about rememberance.


   So the reason this is relevant for us is because our present position is like that.


   Bhaktivinod Thakur says in one place: vinod bole hai hai haridas hari nahe pai.


   He's lamenting: I'm supposed to be the servant of Krisha. Where is Krishna to be found?


   So that indicates necessity.


   And necessity, Guru Maharaj mentions this in the Golden Volkano: "Necessity independent of fullfillment is separation".


   So what do Radharani and braja-gopis do to get relief from the anguish of separation?


tava kathāmṛtaḿ tapta-jīvanaḿ
kavibhir īḍitaḿ kalmaṣāpaham
śravaṇa-mańgalaḿ śrīmad ātataḿ
bhuvi gṛṇanti ye bhūri-dā janāḥ

(SB, 10.31.9)


   They talk about Krishna.


   His pastimes. In this way they remember Krishna.


   And this way even feeling intense separation they achieve union.


   So at that time Srila Gurudev finding himself in a similar sutuation after the departure of Srila Guru Maharaj named the samadhi mandir "viraha-milan", "Temple of union in separation".


   And we find ourselves in a similar situation now.


   Therefore by speaking about Srila Gurudev, recalling his pastimes and his glories we can feel his presence.

Captured by Ashutosh Krishna Das  

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