“Anatomy of Desire”. Srila Goswami Maharaj. 12 June, 2018. Gupta Govardhan


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Q: What do you do when you feel very-very angry? How do you try to harmonize or just keep this anger inside? — Things that you want: thinking, feeling, willing, acting. — Creative visualization. — From raja-guna to tama-guna: unfulfilled wish — frustration — anger. — Freud: the underlying motive for all movement is repressed desire. — Ads addressing repressed sexuality: the means to manipulate. Advertising ploy: appealing to something impossible to achieve. — Theocentric or egocentric world? — Why should human try for the same pleasures as pigs? — Eating non-veg. — Engaging senses in service for Krishna: Hanuman, braja-gopis. — Kama of the braja-gopis is prem: it’s Krishna-centric. — You cannot envy devotees and satisfy Krishna, because He loves them. — Brihad-bhagavatamritam: praising the unfolding degrees of dedication. — Pure devotion: appreciating the devotion of others. — Search who is the best servitor to satisfy Krishna. — In the higher plane you can engage in service even envy: Chandravali’s glorification of Krishna’s flute. — Trying to control the world. Krishna’s at the background. — Devotional thinking: interpretation of the relative circumstances in relation to the Absolute. 


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