«Смиренность и безразличие» (с русскими субтитрами). Шримати Бхакти Лалита Деви Даси. 18 апреля 2013 года. Гупта Говардхан

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Srimati Bhakti Lalita Devi Dasi

Humility and Indifference

(18 of April, 2013, Gupta Govardhan)


There is a lot of differences between humility and indifference and, I would say, no similarities. Not similar. And maybe the opposite of humility is proud, puffed-up, egoistic — those are direct... it’s an antonym of humility. But indifference one way or other: you don’t care and no enthusiasm, and... It’s something we always pray that our Guru and Gauranga will not be indifferent to us. We don’t want to be treated indifferently by our superiors, by our divine guardians, we want them to either chastise us or embrace us, but not to be indifferent. That’s the worth kind of punishment.

But humility is not a cheap thing. And it’s also not low self-esteem. In the modern world we find so much concern about low self-esteem, more along psychological, emotional lines. But humility is a divine quality; it’s a devotional quality where one feels humble, feels small and insignificant. And like the grass — the example is given: humble like a blade of grass. Someone can trample over you and you don’t protest or complain. Then you stand up again after you’ve been trampled on, you stand up again and you go on being grass, being small, insignificant.

It’s something that... when coming into contact with greatness and infinite truth — we feel so overwhelmed and so small — like a speck of dust in an infinite creation. We realize our tiny positions. That’s a healthy thing, it’s not unhealthy thing. Never to be mistaken or compared with low self-esteem. And we see that’s a quality of the Vaishnavas. They are humble, they are tolerant, they give honor to others, they don’t think themselves to be big and important. They are always very approachable and they deal affectionately with the environment, sympathetically — with the environment.

And understanding, having a proper understanding of reality gives the humble attitude. When you understand the nature of this world and the nature of reality, absolute truth, infinite-finite. So many things coming into contact with Krishna consciousness in a genuine and substantial way will create a humble attitude in someone; in a devotee.

So maybe you mean to compare two opposites: humility and ego, egoistic, ego-mania? Is that what you mean or just those two?..

— She’ll ask you a little bit later, in more details. But I think it was indifference — like “I don’t care” and humility.

— Well, one is good and the other is not good. Indifference and if we are indifferent towards Krishna, His devotees, His paraphernalia — that’s unfavorable, that’s an unfavorable attitude. We want to appreciate everything and everyone in connection to Krishna consciousness.



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