Погрузись глубоко в Реальность с Бхакти Судхиром Госвами. Гупта Говардхан, 30 марта 2016 года



1:53 — Q: What kind of tolerance did Mahaprabhu mention in His Siksastakam? What actually should we tolerate?

To really benefit from this instruction, you have to tolerate what's intolerable.

Happiness and distress: the devotees do not go too far in any way.

All exams' purpose is not to failure the student, but to promote him.

Try to look what's going on in the background: how it will promote me?

And how tolerant Krishna should be—accompanying the jiva soul as paramatma through all the species of life...

Of all the "priya" the dearest—those who give Krishna to others.

If we don't know the ideals—then how will we understand what to aim at?

That's beyond man's capacity—it's a divine movement that's possible just by the grace—to take man to a higher level.

Amanina manadena: if you're willing to give position to others—your position will be enhanced...

Mahaprakash: 21 hour of all-Divinity.

Kholavecha Sridhar asked that this person who came to rob him every day, would do this lifetime after lifetime and I would have devotion for Him.

37:33 — Q: Taking into account our qualifications, how to properly glorify the Vaishnavas according to Upadeshamrita?

How we will view others—that all is predicated by the initiation, a connection with a substantial Vaishnava.

God-brothers and God-sisters bow down to each other in recognition of connection with the lotus feet of Sri Guru and Gauranga...

That's what we're out for, that's what we're seeking—that personality whom we can serve—utterly. That's how we thrive.

It's better to think that we're not even on the radar—we are seeking for the least position.

48:11 — Q: When a person is in ignorance, he cannot observe it. But if a practitioner says that he's ignorant—how can it be?

56:34 — Q: How to live inner life and stay concentrated?

Being enlightened in Krishna consciousness is like a lightning. We are trying to concentrate, but we don't force it. Krishna is free—if you try to keep the revelation—He will go.

1:01:49 — Q: If someone is having serious health problem, so that he can't do seva or live in temple, what shall he do: concentrate more on seva or take more care of health?

The necessity for health is service-related. There is always something that you can do—with your mind, body or intelligence.

Preaching gives life.

Life's uncertain—that much we know for sure.

What was gifted to us freely should be extended to others.

You can preach even to the walls, because there are also jivas there, and they will get some benefit...

What is sankirttan? Many come together to promote Krishna consciousness. It's better to keep the association of the devotees.

In some circumstances reading, chanting etc. can be increased. Like a businessman—when the time is bad for selling—he's buying and accumulating, knowing that selling time will come again.

March 30th, 2016
Theistic Media Studios, Gupta Govardhan Ashram.

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