«Don't Waste Your Time!» Shripad Madhusudan Maharaj. 13 of July, 2014. Chiang Mai, Thailand

We are not in a campaign of trying to change the world. Our campaign is to adjust ourselves to the world.
Guru Maharaj says, we should not waste our energy to change the environment, because the environment we are in, has been earned by our karma. But we have to change our adjustment to the environment and not loose our time.

Our time as a human and with our connection to Guru and the Holy Name is very valuable to make progress spiritually. 

We won't waste our time, trying to change the material environment, we'll use our time to try to increase our faith, our service, our chanting, our negativeness for adjusting to the environment and humility to draw the Lord's grace.

- Shripad Madhusudan Maharaj

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