«Игра сладчайшего Абсолюта (часть 4)». Шрила Б. С. Говинда Дев-Госвами Махарадж. Лахта, Санкт-Петербург. 2000 год

Игра сладчайшего Абсолюта
(часть 4)

Шрила Б. С. Говинда Дев-Госвами Махарадж.
Лахта, Санкт-Петербург. 2000 год


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Actually He is the supreme personality of Godhead and He is for himself and by Himself.

Then He is the only ejnoyer and everyone will supply the enjoyment. That type of arrangement by His power is done everywhere.

And we can see where is form, there is shadow.

Automatically shadow has also power. When form is moving shadow also moving.

But actually transcendental world is playing and this material world like shadow.

But existance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead everywhere.

With real paramahamsa and with really liberated soul they will think that all is the play of sweet absolute.

Play within this illusory environment and play in the transcendental environment.

In the Upanishad we can see the Lord was one and He wants to be millions.

That shloka is this:

eko 'ham bahu syam

I'm alone but I shall be millions.

Then activated power generated everything.

And by the supreme will of supreme power everything was set right.

This is fact.

And actually the whole scripture given honor to Krishna as a Godhead.

Lifestyle of Krishna is completely different from man life.

But He never broke the law.

Instance, one or two-three cases he broken.

Otherwise he followed all the lawful system.

If we will study his whole life maybe he have 16 108 wifes.

And everyone knows it, that Krishna has 16 108 wifes and how many paramours we cannot say.

But when worshipping time come everyone worshipping the lotus feet of Lord Krishna in the assemly of Maharaja Yudhishtira.

All the kings and kings' son and assembled kings and gentlemen, ladies, everyone thinking Bhismadev will get this supreme honour.

Because Bhismadev was so pious and so great and so exhalted, hero.

And he was akumar brahmachari.

Never taken wife and women association.

It was his promise for that his name was Bhisma.

And his father given him boon that when you will wish you will die, otherwise death cannot touch you.

That type of exhalted personality was present there in the assembly of Maharaja Yudhisthira.

Then everyone thinking Bhisma will get first offering.

But when Yudhisthira declared: you all the dignitaries please tell whom shall I give the first offering honour, then Bhisma himself stood up.

And given little short lecture.

What is your question Yudhisthira, when Krishna is present here!

Then it is useless question.

Everyone knows Krishna and He will get this honour.

This type of honour that day also given to Krishna by asembled all the kings and people.

And Bhisma was first supporter and organizer for Krishna, that when Krishna is present here He will get first honourable offering.

Then position of Sri Krishna what shown to us it is pastimes that is enough for everyone to respect Lord Krishna.

And that Krishna janmastami tomorrow.

And we will celebrate it.

Every year we're celebrating.

And this is special year for us, because Krishna with Radharani as Radha Madhav Sundar appeared in the Saint Petersburg.

And you are all the worshipper of that Lordship.

You may stay in Moscow or Saint Petersburg — that is not a question.

All world worshipping tomorrow lotus feet of Lord Krishna and honouring Janmastami tithi.

And today is adhivas for that, Janmastami's eve and we pay our full honour, love, affection and respect to Krishna's lotus feet.

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